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Workerbridge Florida was designed to connect construction companies and contractors with skilled trade workers to handle labor jobs in Tampa and throughout Florida.

We did an analysis of the FL labor market and realized that there was a need.  A place where contractors, who were in need of temporary workers, and laborers, who were available to work, could connect. This is where Workerbridge Florida comes in.  It helps contractors in Tampa and other parts of Florida fill their jobs with qualified laborers. It also helps FL workers find other temporary work, perhaps until they resume their regular labor jobs.  It also helps create more permanent relationships between contractors and workers.  

It doesn't matter if you are a Florida trade worker looking for labor jobs in cities like Tampa, or a construction company with labor jobs in Tampa or other parts of Florida looking to fill important positions, Workerbridge Florida creates the connection you need to fill those construction and labor jobs now and in the future. Best of all, it does not cost you anything until a match is made.

Workerbridge Florida is free to join and easy to use. Contractors create labor job and other listings, posting the  locations they need the worker in and the skills required. The system then matches the jobs you submitted to our database of workers to find the ideal match.

Similarly, workers create a profile of themselves, including:  The locations they are willing to work in, The skills they have to offer, and the rate of pay they desire. When labor jobs are posted which match their skill set, they  receive an email or text message to let them know.

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